Alan's Class (1996/7)

This is supposed to be an English class where the teacher teaches us English and we students benefit from his hard work to develop our English. Nothing to do with the harsh reality. Our so-called teacher, Alan R. King -- alias King Alan -- makes us work like slaves, and this web page is the result. Five women and a man are the authors of this project:


My parents thought my name meant happiness but I found out that it is just a group of mountains and I'm not happy any more. I've been King Alan's loyal student for three long years and I am going mad. Anyway, I've learnt much more than English in these classes....


I’m a business woman, English teacher, part time secretary, cleaning lady, house wife, and mother of three, who gives good excuses for not having done her homework. I'm very happy with the feminist colour that I got.


Hi everybody! My name is Lucía, I’m both an English teacher and student at this school so it’s very difficult to miss an interesting class like this one.


I’m Imanol, the only, lonely, poor male student in this class. A frustrated soccer player, I don’t have anything better to do than writing articles as if I was a real journalist.

  • Don’t call me Emmanuel, pronounce it E-man-all, please.


A very busy person, I always have the feeling that I need more than 24 hours in a day. I work in an office sorrounded by men, and I work at home, with two kids to look after. Nevertheless I find time to read books, watch films, eat out with friends and have a good time wherever I am.


My name is Begotxu and I teach Basque and English at an "ikastola" (a Basque medium school). I love to come to this class because it gives me a chance to do interesting things through English, so it doesn't get too rusty.

Now you know who we are, if you want to know about who is supposed to be our teacher Alan, click here. Warning: he claims he is English, but he speaks with a strong Basque accent and, even worse, uses his hands when speaking.

If you want to know more about the godfather of all this, Michael, he also has a web page. He says he is Irish-American, like Bill Clinton. We still don’t know which organization he is financing with the huge amounts of money he is earning from Éire School.

Oh yes! We are all in Zarautz, a small town on the coast of the Basque Country, a nation situated in between France and Spain. We hope you enjoy reading about our project.

And now, click here and read on...

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